Commercial Roofing

Most commercial roofs have flat slopes so the type of roofing materials used in steep slope roofs might not serve the same efficient purpose in a commercial shelter. The roofing materials used for commercial roofing are metal roofing, solar, asphalt, ceramic, tile or slate shingles or built-up roofs.

The roofing design for commercial roofing is complicated and needs more in-depth consideration than typical residential roofs. The flat top requires more regular maintenance and repairs. The weight of the equipment under and the size of the area also need careful consideration before installing a commercial roof.

It is therefore vital to consult professional commercial roofing companies services in your area to determine the best roofing materials, methods and strategies to plan cost-effective commercial roofing.

Roof Repair Services In Atlanta

Commercial Roofing

At Maggio’s Roofing, commercial roofing contractors near me provide commercial roofing services in Atlanta using different types of materials. Some of the various commercial roofing services we offer are:

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Commercial Roofing

Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF is an eco-friendly roofing method for manufacturing, industrial or business services. SPF is a liquid material sprayed over the existing roof. It expands into a form and covers the entire area with a solid layer.

SPF for commercial roofing is energy efficient as it provides a reliable barrier against moisture and air, preserving the interiors of the building.

They are also durable because the SPF can expand and contact with the building in hot and cold seasons.

They are seamless, waterproof and ultimately weather proof which makes them ideal for preventing leaks.

Single-Ply Membrane Commercial Roofing

Single Ply Membrane roofing is a reliable roofing method used in commercial, manufacturing and industrial houses for decades. They are made of synthetic materials with rubber base.

There are three ways of installing Single-Ply Membrane roofing: You have the professionals mechanically fastened, ballasted or chemically held through insulation.

There are different types of EPDM commercial roofing repair that you can choose according to your budget and choice of insulation. You can select a reflective or retentive membrane depending on the overall weather of the area.

They are class-A fire resistant and are known to last for over 30 years.

To choose the best membrane for your commercial roofing, consult our professionals at Maggio’s Roofing for all your roofing solutions.

Metal Commercial Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the most common and oldest roofing systems for commercial facilities. The lightweight of the steel, tin or aluminium roof makes it convenient to install over existing roofs.

They should be coated to make them more durable, waterproof and rust or UV protection.

One of the main advantages of metal roofing commercial facilities is the variety of designs available in the market, and they are fireproof.  

They are reliable materials against wind, rain and snow. They are also recyclable and can last up to 50 years if maintained properly.

To determine the best option for your commercial roofing and to provide you with the most suitable materials for your location and requirements, consult commercial roofing contractors in your area for the best price and efficiency.

Shingle Commercial Roofing

Though shingles suit steep sloping residents better, they can also be used for slight slanted commercial roofing.

There are asphalt and architectural shingles that last for 15 to 60 years and other materials made from wood, plastic, ceramic and metal.

Shingle roofing commercial facilities depend on the variety of materials used. The types of materials also determine the durability and functions of the shingles.

To determine the cost of installation and the labor charges, it is always an excellent option to consult roofing experts.  They will give you details of various designs available in the market and what works best for your roof type.

Built-up Commercial Roofing

Built-up roofing is one of the earliest roofing systems. They are often called “gravel and tar” roofs because they build alternate layers of tar or asphalt and other fabrics directly on the roof. The top layer is then finished with gravel and stone.

There are different gravel layers that you can choose for your commercial roofing.

The most common benefits of built-up roofing are that they are seamless, waterproof and provide protection against UV rays. They are also low maintenance, and they can last up to 40 years.

There can be other commercial roofing requirements such as replacement of the roof, repairs and cleaning. For all your commercial roofing solutions in Atlanta, call us, and we would be happy to offer our roofing services whenever needed.

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maggiosroofing if your leaking we should be speaking 👌🏻woodstock ga metal roof installed call us for free estimates monday-saturday
9am-8pm well keep your home covered