Gutter Repair

At Maggio’s Roofing in Atlanta, we perform all types of gutter repair. Gutters play an integral part in maintaining the integrity of a home and a roof. If your gutters are showing prominent signs of damage or malfunction, it is crucial to consult a roofing service for
local gutter repair immediately.

Gutters are essential for keeping water away from the roof and walls of your homes. It drains the snow or rain away from the roof and prevents accumulation of water in nooks and corners of the roof. Water damage on walls, sidings and creases of the house are likely when there are no proper gutters to drain away water.

Unfortunately, gutter repairs are risky because they are often difficult to reach and proper installation is critical. It is therefore vital to call a professional for gutter repair.

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Gutter Repair

If your gutters have any of the mentioned problems or you want to create a new aesthetics for your home, gutter maintenance services at Maggio’s Roofing in Atlanta can help your home look its best.

Leaves Inside the Gutters

When a gutter is clogged, it leaves room for moisture and dirt to accumulate inside the trench. This makes it a suitable environment for wild plants and fungus to grow, which prevents the proper flow of water.

You can consult our gutter repair services near me experts at Maggio’s Roofers to check out the gutters for cleaning and to unclog the trenches so that water flows freely and prevent plants from growing inside the sewers again.

Leaking Water Over the Gutter

When a gutter is not installed correctly or aligned with the roof surface, water starts to accumulate. When there is heavy rain, the channel overflows and splash water in any direction which may hamper your walls, windows and doors. When water does not drain out properly, it starts to penetrate inside the house as well.

So if water leaks over the gutter and does not drain in the assigned drain, we will send our gutter repair services to clean and repair or replace the gutters.

Improper Gutter Slope

A gutter should slope a few inches downwards to ensure that water drains out properly. After heavy rains in Atlanta, if you notice that the water is taking longer to drain out or if it is standing still on and around the roofing surface, you might need a gutter expert to re-align the slope of the gutters.

Professional gutter repairs can ensure that the gutter is directed towards a proper drain by adjusting the slope of the sewers.

Gutter Leaks

Gutters are susceptible to damage over time, and the first sign is often a leak in the seams of the channel. If you notice that there is water dripping from the seams of the gutters, take actions quickly. Leaking gutters after a torrential downpour can oversaturate the ground around the house and spoil the foundation of the house or flood the basement.

Our commercial roofing company experts can repair gutter holes or apply gutter sealants to allow water to flow correctly and prevent leaks from causing further damage to the ground, walls, sidings or interiors.

Missing Gutter Parts

A hanger supports each gutter at about every 2 feet along the line. In time, these hangers might go missing or washed away by rainstorms. It makes the gutter unstable and even creates leaks and noise during a downpour. If you suspect that your channels are missing parts and causing leakage, noise or threatening the stability of the gutters, an expert can help you with the gutter repairs.

We can install new hangers and provide substitute parts to ensure that your gutters function well and remain intact even during a torrential downpour or high winds.

Loose Gutters

When missing parts of the gutters are not repaired quickly, they can cause the channels to loosen and fall away from the house. When the gutters are missing, you will face numerous problems because the water is accumulating in the wrong areas or splashing everywhere. Loose and missing channels also dilapidate the overall appearance of the house.

You can ask a professional to re-nail the hangers or restore the functions of the gutters.

Whether it is replacing or repainting parts, restoring functionality or repairing broken areas, we can do it all. We work to ensure that your home is maintained with proper gutters and roofing for a durable and safe environment.

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