Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are gaining recognition as one of most reliable materials for roofing all types of homes. They are used in all kinds of roof pitches except the very flat ones.

Metal roofs are not necessarily made entirely of metal, and they come in a mixture of different materials and designs that resemble shingles and conventional asphalt shingle roofs.

At Maggio’s Roofing, metal roof repair contractors provide metal roofing services for all types of residences in Atlanta.

Here are a few things you can learn about metal roofing if you want to install metal roofing or replace your current roof with metal.

  • Metal Roofs Have Become Cheaper

In the past, metal roofs were used for high end architectural designed houses because of the cost and rarity of the material. However, with the improved manufacturing processes and increasing availability, they are now accessible for traditional houses. Metal roofs are currently rising in the market, and they are getting easier to find and install than asphalt roofs.

Metal Roofing

f you need quality metal roofing, we provide durable materials and resources to have them installed at your homes.

  • Metal Roofing Over Existing Roofs

Whether the existing roofs constitute of concrete, shingles or asphalt, it is possible to install metal roofs over them. Installing metal roofs over existing roofs without tearing or removing them reduces cost and mess. While removing the present roof is a preferred process, metal roofing over them is much quicker too.

However, installing metal roofs over existing roof can trap water vapors, accumulate moisture and build up mold and rot. Professional roofers in Atlanta have to create vented metal roofs to provide circulation of air between layers and prevent potential problems.

Whether you want metal roofing over your current roof or you need a full tear and replace with a new roof, Metal roofing contractors near me offer our services within Atlanta whenever you need metal roofing installed.

  • Impermeable Against Rain, Fire, & Rot

The main reasons why metal roofing is gaining popularity is because it is practically safe waterproof, fireproof and windproof. Since insects and critters cannot chew on metal, they are also more durable than wood and shingles or asphalt.

It is best to coat metal roofs with paint to prevent corrosion and rust due to weathering to extend the durability of the metal roof.  

  • Safer Against Earthquake and Snow

Since metal roofs are light materials pounded in sheets, they are safer for earthquake-prone areas. Unlike concrete or asphalt, metal roofs do not pose as a massive threat when it collapses, preventing injuries during an earthquake.Commercial Metal Roof Repair services are very afffordable.

After a snowfall, the metal get heated quickly so the snow over the roof melts faster and lets the snow slide quicker than shelters made of other materials.

So depending on the topography and geology of the areas the houses, professional roofers can help you determine the best metal roofing methods for your homes.

  • Metal Roofing is Cost-Effective

Most metal roofs carry a warranty of 20 to 30 years if they are adequately maintained, they can last over 50 years which is more than the best quality asphalt shingles. It is likely that a metal roof homeowner will have it replace once in his lifetime whereas asphalt and shingles need two to three replacements in 50 years. The overall cost of metal roofs is expensive, but they are a long term investment for homes.

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  • Metal Roofs Are Recyclable

Metal roofs last very long and even when they need a replacement, the leftover metals are often accepted in all recycling outlets. On the other hand, old asphalt shingles become useless, and they end up on the landfill.

Not only are they environmentally safer but metal roofs also serve multiple purposes for a long duration.Choose our experts if you want find best solution for How to Repair Metal Roofing.

Drawbacks of metal roofing

There are many other reasons why homeowners are switching to metal roofing in Atlanta. However, they are complicated to install, and you need a professional roofer to ensure that all the ridge vents are not too visible and to make them more durable due to weathering. Metal roofing requires professional painters, technicians, and expert planning.

If you want to repair or replace your housing roof, call us, and we will be happy to inspect the house and determine the best options to make your homes safe, beautiful and reliable throughout the years.

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