Residential Roofing

A home is a significant investment that protects your family, your possessions and everything, and a roof protects your home. So when you need a repair, replacement or little maintenance for your roof, choosing an residential roofing near me expert with the right knowledge and experience is vital.

We at Maggios Roofing provide all the services you need to keep your home safe, healthy and well-maintained to withstand all types of weather and unpredicted roofing problems in Atlanta.

We will have a thorough inspection of your roof and provide the best
residential roofing contractors options for your roofing needs and replace or repair all types of residential roofing systems.

Roof Repairs

We provide all types of repairing for your residential roofing system. Whether it is to fix damaged shingles in Atlanta, small or whole roof, or repair fascia and soffits, pipes and gutters, contact us for all your roof repairing needs.

Residential Roofing Atlanta

Residential Roofing

We can repair clogged drains, deteriorating shingles and damaged pipe boots. We also restore rotting fascia and soffits in all types of residential roofing.

Our certified residential roofing companies in Atlanta workers will provide all the materials and human resources and have the task complete as soon as possible.

Roof Replacement

A roof protects everything in a home and also acts as an insulator. When the roof is damaged, it affects the insulation within the house and causes sky-rocking prices in power consumption.  If your residential roof repair  needs require a renovation or a whole replacement due to weathering, natural calamities or even emergency replacement, we are here to help you.

We can provide high-quality materials and efficient services in Atlanta with methods that fit your budget and requirements.

Carpentry repairs

The structure of your residential roofing system is composed of different materials. Some are made of wood, metal or concrete. With the effects of weathering, damages on the carpentry are bound to occur over time. To keep tour roof in shape and to maintain the functionality of a solid roof, carpentry repairs are also essential. Whether it is wood rot due to moisture or dryness, and rust due to flashing around the roof, we can repair any carpentry work necessary. We also do roof carpentry repair for damages due to storm and rain.

We can rebuild a safer and more stable structure to hold up your roof to stand all types of weather with the best roofing material, designs and methods.

Roof Flashing

Flashing ring is installed around every features and structure on the roof, such as a chimney or an air vent.  The purpose of roof flashing is to direct the rainwater away from the opening of these structures on top of the roof so that it does not enter the house. Proper roof flashing is vital to keep moisture away from home and to prevent the flow of water in direction. It also prevents splashing water on the walls and things around the house.

Sometimes the flashing is made of metal or plastic. Depending on your requirement and the purpose of the flashing, our experts can help you pick the most durable material that will suit your needs and even help you decide on the best investment for your roof flashing.

Quality Shingles

Shingles are placed on the roofs to extend the durability of the roof. They protect the roof from damages due to storms, hail, snow, rain and heat. They are also used to beautify the roof and add some character to the home. There are different types of shingles that we work with: tile, wood, slate, metal and asphalt. We can also work with solar tiles, stone coated steel, rubber slate, clay or concrete. If you are more environmentally aware, we also provide green roof shingles.

For all your options and an array of designs and methods, call our roofing experts to explore an unlimited, yet effective services for any shingle related residential roofing.

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While the weather in Atlanta is unpredictable, we are prepared to handle all types of residential roofing duties because our years of experience have taught us the practicality of professional roofing. We take each roofing project as a valuable investment for the property owners, and we value the trust handed to us.

If you need a minor repair, replacement or maintenance work for your residential roofing, feel free to call us, and we will be happy to ease all your roofing woes.

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Maggio’s Roofing1 week ago
Thomas, Incredibly happy with the job done on my house. I appreciate the craftmanship, the price, and not "nickel & diming" the extras along the way. The property was left in great condition with the extensive cleanup. I wanted to say thanks to you and your talented crew.
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a big congratulations to my brother dom and sil miranda on maddy’s baptism today , you did awesome kiddo i’m very happy for you and my brother and your mom , now your house is almost complete! keep jesus in your life daily and god watch over you always, congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 😁❤️🙏🏻
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Maggio’s Roofing2 months ago
siding and facia replacement on dormers ,facia and soffit replacement whole house and full roof replacement cumming ga . call me for free estimates
Maggio’s Roofing
Maggio’s Roofing2 months ago
2 houses today , total 56 squares of roofing,6 boards of plywood replaced and a whole lotta happiness for our cumming ga customers today
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