Roof Inspections

Roofs are integral parts of your homes that protect your house as well as the properties inside it. Maintaining a shelter is like managing a car tire, and people often see the issues only when there is a visible problem.

Maggio’s Roofing is a trusted service provider in Atlanta that has expert knowledge and experience in roof inspections. Whether you need an emergency inspection or an annual maintenance roof inspection, we can provide all your roofing solutions.

Roof Inspections Atlanta

Roof Inspections

Here are some of the most common reasons why roof inspection companies near me on a half-yearly basis is necessary:

  • Aging and Weathering

Irrespective of the materials used for roofing, all roofs change due to weathering and ageing. The effects of a natural cause are usually visible within ten to 20 years. When there is a problem with the roof, water and dirt penetrates the house and cause more damages. Regular roofing inspection enables homeowners to avoid damaging further and also schedule a maintenance routine to prevent further disasters.

  • Storm Damage

Torrential rain, hail and high winds can also cause roofs to dysfunction. When there is even slight damage to the ceiling, water can leak into the house and damage the interiors. So when there is a storm, it is essential to check the roofs for any damages. High winds or hail can cause significant accidents, and they might need repair or replacement, but some minor damages are often invisible until it starts pouring again.

Therefore, having a roof and attic inspection after a storm is an excellent preventive measure for maintaining a secure roof.

  • Leak Assessment

A leaking roof is a challenging task to repair because the majority of the times, the source of the leak is far away from the evidence. Also, leaks can be caused by an immediate impact or a gradual deterioration of minor issues.

To locate the exact point of leakage and fix it, consulting an expert is necessary for a long term solution. The professionals will determine if the problem is a result of minor flashing, elevation, penetrations or expansion joints.

  • Drainage inspection

Most roof problems are due to an improper drainage system. Accumulation of dirt leaves and debris on the roof could clutter the gutters and cause the drains to clog. The clogged pipes prevent water from draining out properly, leading the roof to retain water for a longer time and create a strain on the rooftops.

To avoid such problems, Commercial Roof Inspections after a storm or at least once a year to ensure that there are no obstacles between the roof and gutters is essential.

Roof Inspections Atlanta

  • Vegetation Damage

When the roof retains moisture, it leaves a suitable habitat for vegetation, critters and birds to flourish. Birds and critters often leave seeds and debris on the roof which grows and increase the number of plants growing on the roof. Besides, branches from trees can also rub against the roof or obstruct the drains.

Commercial roofing repair inspection draws attention to these little details so that the owner can take proper measures and avoid further damaging the roof.

  • Security

It is essential to have regular roof inspection to ensure that your home is safe from thieves or impending natural calamities. Thieves often target roofs with vulnerable latches and shingles. Sudden winds and storm can also tear away any loose fitting roofing materials.

Regular roof inspection enables the homeowner to take proper security measures when such problems arise.

  • Roof Cleaning

Debris and trash on the roof can cause minor damages on the roof and when left without maintenance, the cause further damage that often leads to many roofing problems and at a high cost. It is essential to clean the roofs on a regular basis to avoid the cost of major damage repair.

also draw attention to these minor issues and the professional roofing services can determine the cause and solution to these problems.

At Maggio’s Roofing in Atlanta, we provide expert professionals in the technical and practical method for all roofing problems. Out roof assessment techniques are unconventional but effective, and we offer valid solutions to any roofing.

If you need a roof cleaning for maintenance or renovation, give us a call, and we’d be happy to lend our experiences to make your homes more secure and beautiful.

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siding and facia replacement on dormers ,facia and soffit replacement whole house and full roof replacement cumming ga . call me for free estimates
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