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Maggio’s has been known for its expert craftsmen for 30 years. Our professionals have years of contracting experience. At Maggio’s, our goal is, “To provide the highest quality products and workmanship.” For window replacement and window repair, you can count of Maggio’s to do an unparalleled job.

What do Windows Do For Your Georgia Home?

It’s easy to take windows for granted. They let in the light and keep rain and bugs out. We assume they’ll simply continue doing their job. However, our window are hard workers that do a lot more for us every day.

  1. Windows must protect us from many types of storms and inclement weather.
  2. During the cold season, windows need to withstand condensation on the inside surface.
  3. Windows must open and close with ease to provide desired ventilation.
  4. Windows are a source of emergency escape.
  5. Windows keep noise from penetrating the inside of our home.
  6. We expect our windows to do all of the above with little or no maintenance

When you need to replace or repair your windows, the trained technicians at Maggio’s will do so to your complete satisfaction at a price that is always affordable. Our dedication to serve our clients is unmatched anywhere.

Proper Window Installation

Just because you buy the most expensive windows doesn’t guarantee that they will perform well. Windows need to be replaced and installed correctly, by workmen with the experience to know how to do the job. This is something many homeowners do not consider when choosing their window installation contractor.

When it comes to window installation, poor workmanship can result in the following:

  1. There may be gaps between the window and the frame. Even the smallest gap can let a draft in during the winter and let the cool, air-conditioned air out during the summer. This means your home energy is not being used in the most cost-effective way.
  2. A less than reputable contractor may fail to seal all the opening properly. This, invariably, will fog up your windows. Cracks and mold are another sign of poorly installed windows. Our technicians are properly trained in the correct sealing method when working on any window installation to ensure proper insulation.
  3. Poorly installed windows will lead to condensation that can cause the frame to rot. Many people believe that the window itself causes condensation when usually it is shoddy installation practices.

When you contact Maggio’s, poor installation is never an issue. Our goal is the solve your problems, not create them. And we have succeeded for 30 years.

Window Repairs

Whether it’s a strong storm or someone hitting a baseball through your window, there comes a time you need emergency window repairs. A broken window puts you and your family at risk. Our expert technicians will be at your home quickly and board up the broken window. We will order a new pane and install it as soon as possible. Your safety is paramount.

Our technicians will also repair windows that are difficult to open and shut, have missing or broken parts, or allow draft into your home. Broken window parts can include locks, handles, and sliding window rollers. At Maggio’s, we perform any needed window repairs quickly and efficiently.

Types of Windows

Maggio’s has years of experience in repairing every type of window. The best windows will enhance the beauty of your house will at the same time protecting it from debris, insects, noise, and inclement weather. We replace:

  1. Sliding patio doors
  2. Double hung windows
  3. French doors
  4. Picture windows
  5. Hurricane windows

Whatever type of window your need replaced or repaired, you can rely on Maggio’s Roofing for excellence and quality and quick service.

Dual Pane vs Single Pane Windows

If you have an older home, built before 1978, chances are you have single pane windows, which means there is just one layer of glass. Dual pane windows have two layers of glass. When it comes to your comfort, the difference is important.

Single pane windows do not offer a great deal of insulation from cold and noise. That is why you may want to considering dual pane window installation. The addition of an extra window pane provides your home with added protection and better energy efficiency. This can make a huge difference in your monthly heating bill. It also ensures that your home will be more comfortable during the harsh winter months. Depending on the size of your home, the savings can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Don’t just throw your money out of the window. Save money instead by asking the window technicians at Maggio’s how changing to double pane windows can add value and warmth to your home.

Sliding French Doors

Glass French doors can offer a graceful and elegant entrance from your patio to your house. They let in a great deal of light and can make your home feel more spacious while keeping noise at a minimum. French doors usually consist of large glass panes with rollers attached to a track. Ask the glass experts at Maggio’s Roofing how sliding glass doors can improve the value and quality of your home.

Maggio’s is the window replacement expert you can count on. We can repair or replace any type of window to improve the appearance and quality of your home.

For a window replacement or window repair estimate, call us at (770) 313-6849.

Our work is warrantied, and we help with any needed insurance claims forms.

There is no charge for providing you with an estimate. We also provide 24/7 emergency service. We are your neighbor. You can always rely on us.

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Thomas, Incredibly happy with the job done on my house. I appreciate the craftmanship, the price, and not "nickel & diming" the extras along the way. The property was left in great condition with the extensive cleanup. I wanted to say thanks to you and your talented crew.
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a big congratulations to my brother dom and sil miranda on maddy’s baptism today , you did awesome kiddo i’m very happy for you and my brother and your mom , now your house is almost complete! keep jesus in your life daily and god watch over you always, congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 😁❤️🙏🏻
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siding and facia replacement on dormers ,facia and soffit replacement whole house and full roof replacement cumming ga . call me for free estimates
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2 houses today , total 56 squares of roofing,6 boards of plywood replaced and a whole lotta happiness for our cumming ga customers today
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